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Do you offer a design service?

We suggest you work with an architect or draughtsperson to develop your ideas into a final concept. We are happy to provide input on green design concepts or sustainability ideas. We can also put you in touch with the right architect or design service.

I’m ready to build, where do I start?

Once you have finalised building plans, you will need to gain building consent and in some cases resource consent. For all building and consent queries relating to Queenstown Lakes District, visit the QLDC website.

Do you build homes out of Glenorchy?

Yes. Mike Kingan Builders has built homes in Wanaka, Queenstown, Glenorchy and Marlborough Sounds. Our furniture and design projects are found throughout New Zealand.

Why do I need a licensed builder?

Any work that requires a building consent or is classified as restricted building work is required to be carried out by a licensed building practitioner (LBP). Using a LBP ensures you are working with a builder who has meet industry competencies.

When is the best time to build?

There is no wrong or right time to build. It depends on what your goals are and what you want to achieve. The longer the lead-time you can give your builder the easier we can work around your timeframes.


Are you a builder or a furniture maker?

Mike is a builder who makes furniture and a furniture maker who builds homes. The truth is, he’s a bit of both and can skillfully work on anything from large architecturally designed projects to intricate pieces of art and furniture. Have a chat with Mike and you’ll soon figure out he is a passionate craftsman who can turn his hand to anything.

Do you ship furniture overseas?

Yes. If you are looking to commission a piece of furniture from Mike, we’ll help organise freight and packaging.

Does green building cost more?

This depends on the project. Initial capital costs for a new green house can come in the same as standard construction or anywhere up to around 20% higher. Some costs in a sustainable build will be lower than conventional building. Other features like solar panels or rainwater collection systems may cost more initially but will contribute to long-term cost savings and resilience. Investing in sustainable design is the best investment you can make to create a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient home.

Do solar panels work in New Zealand?

Yes. New Zealand’s climate is ideally suited to solar, particularly in the southern regions where summer days are long and winter days are often clear. Solar panels are used successfully in urban and rural settings around New Zealand. Just make sure solar panels are placed in a north-facing position, free from shade and are exposed to good sun all year round.

Useful Links


Why not check out our beautiful part of the world. Visit the Glenorchy Community website.


Miller house after the Fire - Paradise Trust Restoration






Paradise Homestead

One of the most important projects we have been a part of was the restoration of Paradise Homestead. To learn more or book accommodation, visit the Paradise Homestead website.


Sustainable Building
The New Zealand Green Building Council is the best place to start if you’re thinking of building a sustainable home. Visit the NZGBC website.

The Living Building Challenge

Visit the New Zealand Living Building Challenge website for tools on creating beautiful, efficient homes and more information on the certification programme.

Ever The Land

We highly recommend watching the film, Ever The Land  to gain a better understanding of the way a Living Building Challenge project can weave together the land, its people and architecture. Ever The Land is an amazing film about the extremely resilient iwi, Ngāi Tūhoe.

Zero Energy House

The Zero Energy house in Auckland is a great example of Kiwis making impressive achievements in the field of sustainability. Shay and Matt provide a wealth of information on house design, construction, performance and costs on their website as well as updates on the house. Visit the Zero Energy House website.

The Headwaters Project

We are privileged to be a part of this world-class demonstration of sustainability. And it’s right here in our backyard! The Headwaters Project is expected to receive Zero Energy certification upon completion. Visit The Headwaters Project website (formerly The Marketplace Project) to stay up to date with the project.

Mrs Woolly’s General Store
Part of The Headwaters Project, Mrs Woolly’s General Store is a unique take on the local convenience store. The store offers fresh produce, takeaway food, coffee, gifts and much more for visitors and campsite guests and features some funky recycled furniture from Mike. Visit the Mrs Woolly’s website The local store, now renamed Mrs Woolly’s, is open and selling fresh produce and takeaway food, coffee,  gelato, gifts and much more. Mrs Woolly’s campground is open over the summer months while Camp Glenorchy is being built. Visit Mrs Woolly’s website.

Photography – A big thank you!

We must say a big thank you to three local Glenorchy photographers who have captured images of our projects over the years. With great creativity, skill and passion you have created stunning images that showcase your artistry. Thank you Laurence Belcher, Sharee McBeth and Vladka Kennett for allowing us to share your work. We highly recommend these photographers for any upcoming work you may have.

Laurence Belcher


Sharee McBeth


Vladka Kennett