Who are we?

Blame it on the clean air, but around here we think a little differently. Based in the wildly beautiful township of Glenorchy, we are naturally influenced and inspired by our surroundings.

No off-the-shelf plans, no cookie cutters. We are a creative team where quality always comes first. We work with architects, designers, dreamers, and eco-warriors.

For the past decade, Mike Kingan Builders has been the name behind quality projects of every size and every budget in Central Otago and throughout New Zealand. We are committed to creating the kind of work that will be around much longer than you or I.

Whether we are creating a one-off piece of furniture, renovating a heritage building or creating an architecturally designed home, our approach considers beauty and form as well as function and practicality.

Want to create something outside the box? Let’s talk. We’re up for the challenge.



When you live in paradise, it’s hard not to be inspired every single day.

Forty minutes from Queenstown, Glenorchy is a slice of paradise. In this natural environment, we have learnt that building a home is more than bricks and mortar it is a reflection of why we choose to live a certain location.

We have built many homes in Glenorchy, inspired to create buildings that work in harmony with their location. And for the many homes we have built out of Glenorchy, we apply those same principles by drawing on the influence of the surrounding natural environment.

Mike Kingan, Director

Not that Mike would like to be called a child prodigy, but when you’ve completed your building apprenticeship and built your own home by the age of 20, there’s something going on.

Mike’s pragmatism and problem-solving was inspired by a childhood on the farm. Mike’s dad encouraged a young boy’s creativity by showing him the beauty in recycling and upcycling. Mike’s wildly creative mind is balanced with a firm grounding in reality.

Mike began Mike Kingan Builders in Wanaka in 2006. A flair for quality and precision saw the small company amass a large portfolio of high-end architecturally designed homes throughout Queenstown and Wanaka.

With a love for the rural lifestyle, it’s not surprising that Mike’s work ethos is sympathetic to heritage buildings. Mike has twice been involved with the restoration of Paradise Homestead, one of the most important heritage buildings in the district. Mike is one of the few builders in Central Otago who is qualified to restore Category 1 historic buildings.

Unenthusiastic about big cities, Mike lives happily in Glenorchy with his two children and wife, Emma, a physiotherapist and health and well-being expert. Glenorchy provides many things for Mike and his family. A small, tight-knit community in a wild environment provides the kind of childhood that we all wish our kids could have. And the raw beauty of the landscapes inspires creativity not only for Mike but also for many others like him in the area. Mike’s projects and collaborations are found in many forms throughout Glenorchy.

Mike’s unique take on design and dedication to quality has seen him amass an impressive portfolio of diverse building projects. See Mike’s work here.